Here are just a few things to help you prepare for selling your house.  Once you have a Real Estate Professional to help you list your house for sale, listen to their advise.  Maybe there is some repair or easy fix that would make all the difference.

Wash the exterior of the house.  A good pressure washing will remove dirt and grime build up and give the house a fresh look.  Don't stop with just a pressure wash.  Go ahead and wash windows inside and out.  Don't forget the doors, garage doors, downspouts and gutters. Repairs issues as you go.

Fresh paint can go a long way.  Give the doors a fresh look or even a whole new look.  The trim and shutters will appreciate some freshening as well.  TIP- Avoid unusual colors.

Give your roof a look over.  Repair any issues you think really stick out.  Watch for missing or loose shingles and any gaps around pipes and chimneys.

The devil is in the details.  Have visible house numbers on the house and mailbox. Ensure all exterior lights are in good shape and working.  Even the doorknobs and locks need to work properly.  NOTE- 90% of buyers look for a home with outdoor lighting.  Spotlights, walkway lights and even motion lights.  These look great for your "curb appeal" but also give a sense of safety for potential buyers.

Keep up with the landscaping.  The property is the first impression for the buyers.  An assumption would be that if it is kept well outside, than it is well kept inside. Remove fallen branches, dead leaves and dead plants.  Mow the grass regularly and add a fresh batch of mulch to flower beds.  Keep children's toys contained so they do not cause a tripping hazard or cluttered look.

Packing.  Start with de-cluttering.  Remove all personal photos, very personal items and valuables.  Pack and set out of the way any out of season items and things you know that won't be needed for a few months.  Include closets, under stairs, garage and basement.  

Fix anything that stands out especially hazards.  Fresh caulk in the bathtubs and showers looks nice.  Replace light bulbs, tighten drawer pulls and knobs. Fix that squeaky hinge too.

Once the de-cluttering is done, clean the house.  Perhaps hire a professional cleaning company to do a deep cleaning.

Keep your home in a show ready state.   Sure, you live there and it can't always look like the cover of a magazine, but keep it clean as much as possible.  

Pets.  Let's not forget about our furry friends.  Make sure you have a good place to secure your pets when the house is being shown.  Also address any pet odors.  Perhaps the professional house cleaner already handled this for you.

Thank you for reading,